Project 4 - Adventure Game

8 weeks halftime

The fourth and final game of year one was a top-down game. We decided to make a game about a witch who wants a cat of her own, but to achieve this life goal of hers she first needs to help the cat village with there monster problems. 

Main contributions: 

  • Modelled all the cats in the game/ made all of their base textures
  • Made a lot of the cats animations
  • In charge of render pipeline, made an easy to use scene to render all characters in
  • Made skeleton enemies and all of their animations/ sprite-sheets
  • Made enemies that unfortunately was never added
  • Intro, outro, credits and control screens as well as some dialogue boxes
  • Rigged and skinned everything except some parts on the player
  • All UV maps are made by me
  • Made various props and tiles